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 Sharpsburg Bucks 

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Sharpsburg's Community Currency

Money spent at small local businesses doesn't just support the small businesses; it also supports the broader community and is more likely to be recirculated back into the local economy than money spent elsewhere.

We are working with local Sharpsburg businesses, area nonprofits, and CMU spin-out ZUZLab to create a community currency spendable at participating Sharpsburg small businesses. This pilot program is exploring the power of local dollars to uplift a community's economy.

You can buy Sharpsburg Bucks online here and spend them at any of the businesses listed below!


Purchase Sharpsburg Bucks

Thanks to the generous support of Northwest Bank, place your order now and get an additional 10% in Sharpsburg Bucks for every dollar spent*!

Minimum purchase amount is $20.00 USD.

* 10% bonus available only for purchases up to $100

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