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We ♥ Sharpsburg

Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization (SNO) facilitates civic initiatives and engages volunteers to plan and complete projects that will further the sense of place, pride, and community in Sharpsburg.

We're working to engage residents in local community-driven projects that improve the quality of life, enhance the economic vitality, and ensure the long-term sustainability of new development in Sharpsburg.

Learn more about our four guiding organizational priorities here.

Residents working together for the love of Sharpsburg

Click here to learn about our current and past projects and initiatives in Sharpsburg.

Click here to learn how you can get involved by volunteering with us or subscribing to our e-newsletter.

We work to improve the quality of life for all Sharpsburg residents by empowering community partners and resident volunteers to fulfill the Sharpsburg Community Vision Plan

Featured Projects
Sharpsburg Home Repair Fund, Free Home-Energy Assessments,
Stipends/Scholarships for People Pursuing Post-Secondary Training/Education

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